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Uh oh, you found it.

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I read a neat article about behavior 'extinction' and it's effects on dieting at

Basically, as you try to quit doing something that has been positively reenforced with a reward, your desire to get that reward will go way up if you can't get it. Sounds pretty simple, right?

So I wanted to do a little bit more research on this, and came across this study:

"Evaluation of Extinction as a Functional Treatment for Binge Eating"
(Published in the journal Behavior Modification, 2008 issue 32, url

It looks like you need to pay to read it OR have access through a university, so I'm just going to post up the interesting bits.
Bolded for the tl;dr crowd:Collapse )
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school bitches!

And I celebrated by going to the Antiques Roadshow! :3 Admit it, I am, in fact, the biggest nerd you know! It turned out we had a Benson gold pocket watch from 1840, and a TRIPLE BARREL SHOT GUN from 1890 (yes really, double shot gun barrels with a high caliper rifle underneath... expressly for "rabbit hunting," WTF for when you need to turn a rabbit into a fine mist???).

So now I'm ready to take my war history degree out into the horrifying job market and begin a lifetime of mind numbing secretarial work, while undergoing the arduous process of applying to grad school! Oh my, I think the humiliation has yet to begin. Here's to the liberal arts and underwater basket weaving darlings.~~~
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I am, for some mysterious reason, watching Sonic X on right tv right now. And it's probably just the valium talking, but it's pretty great you guys. Can't hold a candle to the original Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, but it's pretty much the same show anyway, right?
So seriously you guys: SEGA ~or~ NINTENDO?
Seriously you guys.
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This is just too great not to share:


It's certainly an, uh... inspirational image??? Inspirational of what, I don't know.

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You can mix sugar free jello with diet soda, juice, vodka, or put fruit in it.
So what would happen if you were to mix...Collapse )
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I'm not really sure why I started making this list, but by the time I realized it was a pointless endeavor, I was like half way done. So, without further ado...Collapse )
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I've just witnessed the convergence of adorableness and absurdism, and evidently I was not as prepared as I thought I'd be. I have been laboring under the delusion that cuteness and ridiculousness are additive traits that would, at their apex, create the 'super-cute'.
'Super-cute;' something so cute that it is physically painful to look at, and could very literally give you diabetes within minutes. But in searching for the evidence to prove my theory of the 'super-cute,' SOMETHING WENT HORRIBLY, HORRIBLY WRONG.

I am so confused right now.
What is this thing,
where can I buy one,
should I be afraid of it,
it this a real animal or is youtube broadcasting my dreams,
how are those feet even possible,
where the fuck are its arms,
is this a bird, rodent, or insect,
why is its tail pouffy at the end,
is this what happens when owls and bunnies have a baby?

Sweet Jesus, it's time to bust out the tinfoil hats. 0_o Oh god, the music only makes it worse!!!
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It's the critiques of an illustrator's daughter. It's 100,000% more hilarious that it sounds like it would be, I promise.

God, I hope someday I get a job that involves me yelling NO NO NO!!! I WANT MY TREAT NOW! THIS IS BULLSH*T! [collapses in tears]
I would be the CEO of unreasonable trantrums-R-us.
The executive CEO.
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'Monster Hunters' on TV
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I'm doing really well in school for some reason. I have no idea how this happened.


I am flat fucking broke. I have no idea how this happened.
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WTF AMAZON. Right now, the first result when you search for "homosexuality" in books is "A Parenting Guide to Preventing Homosexuality."

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books is running a Google Bomb.

They say:
I’ve created a page with the definition for “amazon rank.” LINK TO with “Amazon Rank” as the anchor text. The link should look like this:

Amazon Rank

(Some more info... Why Is Amazon Removing The Sales Rankings From Gay, Lesbian Books?)

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